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It’s not exactly the Cold War, but the United States is in disagreement with Russia over space. Russia conducted a missile test there and exploded a Russian satellite. This caused all sorts of space debris and created a dangerous situation for the International Space Station.

Debris around the ISS
The ISS needed to take steps to prevent debris from falling. This is not always the ideal situation. In any case, you don’t want to create more space debris. Over 1500 large debris and countless small debris are created. They fly faster in space and destroy everything on the path. The more space debris we have, the harder it is for us on Earth to go elsewhere in the universe.
The US Department of State is not interested, especially as astronauts and astronauts on the space station are currently at risk. By the way, there are still Russians (for astronauts) at the station, so it’s not just an American party. In addition to the four Americans, there are Germans and two Russians at the station. They all had to board a spaceship that existed to bring them back to Earth. Now they are trapped there to protect themselves from the rubble. In short, the International Space Station was in great danger.

USA vs Russia
This is at least the American side of the story. Russia sees it very differently. Russia’s NASA, called Roscosmos, said it wasn’t working very well and said the ISS was in a safe zone. Russia did not defeat the bushes. The Russian Foreign Minister said it was very hypocritical to accuse the Americans of experimenting with new weapons in space and accusing the Americans of using the universe in dangerous ways.
China was initially very excited about the idea of ​​destroying things into space. Other countries in the world are also worried about this. At the same time, for example, Starlink can place thousands of satellites in orbit around the earth to provide the Internet. As a result, more and more companies are launching satellites into space, but this is not always free of risk and space debris. Given that many projects are currently underway in the vast space that surrounds us, that will definitely continue.

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