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Spotify sent a clear signal: After the podcast, I would like to focus on the audiobook. It’s a very logical step in itself. If people want to hear other people, why don’t people read the story? There are many pros and cons to audiobooks-here. Pros: Multitasking is possible
This is the number one reason podcasts are so popular-your hands are free to do other things. One listens when folding clothes and the other listens in the car. Of course, the same applies to audiobooks. You may not want to hear at work because your attention is elsewhere, but this is ideal if you are doing something that requires a little less in your brain. Of course, you need to get your brain involved when you drive, but in general, there are many moments when you hear something.
Pros and Cons: Readers bring it to life
When you read a book, your brain automatically begins to make all sorts of pictures of what the hero in your head looks like, not just what is described. When someone reads a book, the process is a little less for you. You will probably associate the book with that voice as well. On the one hand, it fills that part of your head a little more, but on the other hand, the storyteller can bring the book to life very well. More than you can imagine.

Benefits: You can start reading early
When you buy a book, you usually want to sit down and read it. Now you can sit on the bench next to the bookstore and start reading, but you can always buy an audiobook at first and then start listening immediately. That’s why it’s not a moment for you more than a book.
Cons: Need to charge the phone
You have to charge your phone for a lot of things, but audiobooks won’t work without a device to play it. It requires electricity, and this is not the case for ordinary books. This means that if you want to listen for a long time (or power bank), you always rely on the plug.
Benefits: No light needed
If you’re lying next to someone and want to read a book in bed at night, you can fight for the lights. To read a book in the dark, you always need light. Don’t listen to the book. With earplugs, your neighbors won’t notice you’re still listening to books for hours while you’re already asleep.

Cons: Books are less valuable than support
Let’s say you are reading a book on the beach while you are on vacation. Do you want to swim in the sea? Sure enough, set aside the book and dive. You don’t have to worry as easily as someone gives up your book. On the other hand, not only is it better not to throw your phone to the beach because of the grains of sand, but it is also stolen quickly and you will not be able to relax in the ocean for about 15 minutes.
Benefits: You can quickly see where you are in terms of time.
In a book, you don’t know how long it will take unless you read a lot. With audiobooks, you can know exactly how many hours you can listen to read a book. This allows you to divide your listening into several days, for example, if you need to read before a specific date. Very convenient!

Cons: Cannot be skipped
More and more books are not linear. Therefore, you do not need to read Chapter 1, then Chapter 2, and so on. On the contrary, some authors recommend reading each chapter that you find interesting. It won’t work in audiobooks unless you can jump to a particular chapter in a very specific way. However, this doesn’t happen that fast because I don’t get an overview. Jumping to something isn’t that easy because you don’t know what to expect.

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