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A personalised mens apron is a perfect present for your boyfriend, friend or husband. He can wear it while preparing the food at a family bbq or a bbq with friends.

A leather apron is very nice, but a leather apron that is personalized and customized is even better. Xapron offers a wide range of different leather types and different colors. For example you can have a cognac colored apron, with a classy look or you can have a simple black apron and have a tough look. With this wide variety of leather aprons and colors, there is always an apron suitable for you.

What is nice about customizing and personalizing the apron is that you can laser your own name on it or even your company logo. This way it is always a unique en personalized apron.

They do not only offer mens aprons but also customized and personalized women’s aprons. Aprons for women are more focused on the taille and have a less rougher look than aprons for men.

You can add extra accessories to the apron such as an extra pocket to put in some kitchen gear and spices or even a bottle holder, where you can put your drink in.



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